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Jooko Center

Get closer to your customers!
Jooko Center is a complete call centre / contact centre solution that combines multi-channel communication functionalities (voice, email, web, sms, RS) with a powerful CRM tool for handling complaints, information requests or creating outbound call campaigns. Thanks to calibrated performance indicators, the reporting module provides you with a global view of your customers' satisfaction and the quality of the service provided to them.


Secure & stay in control!
BioSys is a biometric platform with two main modules:
- Biometric census of a given population
- The management of prisoners' stay in prison.
The functionalities of this second module cover all aspects of prison life: apprehension, judgements, remission of sentences, medical follow-up, reintegration.... Based on a civilian Afis, it offers an ideal compromise between acquisition cost and efficiency in the registration and use of fingerprints


Make your customer loyal to your brand!
Fidélis is a customer loyalty solution designed around PVC loyalty cards with a barcode. Equipped with a stock management module, it covers the entire loyalty chain, from card allocation to gift management and loyalty point accounting.


Reach your target with certainty!
Push Messenger is an SMS Push communication platform that allows you to communicate effectively with a controlled target: Notifications, Alerts, Direct Marketing... It allows the planning of sendings, the use of dynamic texts (with names, first names...) and has a detailed reporting module on the status of message delivery: In progress, Failed, Delivered...


Your bank at your fingertips!
SamaBank is an e-banking solution that allows the bank's customers who have subscribed to it to access various information concerning them via the Internet: Balance, Operations, Loans in progress, Transfers, Cheque book and card orders... SamaBank communicates with the bank's IS via various secure protocols: https/ftp and has a user-friendly web administration interface.